How to fix pinpoint button sticking on an a t pro while your water hunting.


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Oct 26, 2012
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The button sticks because while in water fine sand settles in around the pinpoint button requiring one to have to pull out on it with fingernail etc. the face screen is clear plastic and the labels and numbers on screen is just a sticky back piece of vinyl type material printed with what you see. The problem is the distance between this sticky back cover piece and the pinpoint button its self. Take a sharp edge and at the edge of the screen get the cover to start lifting off and then grab it with fingers and ease it up and off screen. I used a small round chainsaw file and made the opening around the pinpoint button larger and then just evenly laid the face back down ont the face of the screen. Problem solved. Everything i have read about it just showed me that everyone sent their machines back to be repaired. I dont know what the factory fix was but mine was very easy and quick to accomplish.

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