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Dec 2, 2018
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In the late 80’s. I owned a amplifier repair business called Custom Amp Werks, in Harrisburg Pa. We were a Groove Tube Dealer. When any National act that was in our area that wanted their amps retubed we would get the call from GT in Calif. Got the call, loaded the van and off to Clair Bros. Rehearsal hall near Philly. Walked into a massive room where they were on stage going through a tune. One of the crew walked on stage and told them the “Amp Guys” were here. They stopped, met the band and talked to see what sound they were after, then the roadies pulled the amps and brought them over to a table where we set up a bench. Set up my scope and meters an went at it. Their sound engineer watched every move to make sure we weren’t screwing them over. When we were finished they set everything back up, the band plugged in and lit them up. I was pretty nervous if they would like them along with a pretty big bill. When the guitarist went off and I saw a big smile come over his face the deal was done. They all stopped and went nuts on how good the amps sounded. Laid out the cash , said our goodbyes and off we went.

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