I found some carvings that may relate to spider rock


Oct 6, 2021
I found some carvings on some land about 19 miles nearly due south of the Aspermont spider rock location. Those from the area may know the location as dripping springs. I believe them to be spanish, as the other two possibilities, either being made by whites or by natives, seem unlikely.

If the symbols I found were made by natives, I would expect them to be less abstract and cryptic. Native Americans did hide mines and treasure, however they did this by hiding it with rocks, bending trees, or other such natural symbols. Also, when they did make rock carvings, they were usually of objects like bears and arrows, not lines and circles.

I also doubt they were made by white people. First of all, most early settlers had no knowledge of such carvings and very rarely carved into rocks. Second, some of these symbols were found very far away from what would be easily accessible, it took 20 minutes of hiking through grass and trees to find these. Anybody just passing through would not walk in this area without intention.

That being said, I believe that what I have found are spanish symbols of some sort. Whether or not they relate to spider rock is unknown, and the only real link I have between the two is their proximity.

The first 6 images (including the 3 duplicates with tracing) were all found right next to each other on a hilltop. The next two were found on the same hilltop a short distance away. The next four were found on a small Boulder maybe a 1/4 mile away at the small spring nearby (if any are the result of vandalism, these would be the ones, though their cryptic nature makes me think that they are original). I also linked some images of symbol sheets I used to interpret the symbols. I show the distance of the site in relation to the Aspermont spider rock digging. The last two pictures are two possible small carvings found on a Boulder about 1/2 mile from the site of the first pics.

The carvings that most interest me is the first image. This rock has the symbol of brackets, which I have found two sources that say this means treasure is nearby. The other thing I notice is the circle with a dot in the middle. 3 sources indicate this to mean gold. I am fairly certain I have interpreted these two symbols correctly. There are many other symbols, some of which I have theories for and some i don't, but those two I feel fairly certain in their meaning.

If you have any ideas, disagreements or, especially, any knowledge that I may find useful, please let me know :)


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