ID help for some Vermont foundation finds

Lauren of the Rings

Sep 18, 2022
Hi everyone, this is my first season metal detecting the mountains of Vermont. These are some of the things I’ve been finding at foundations. I love learning about the history of the relics as much as I love finding them. I wondered if someone out there might help with some of these items. The silver ring looks hand made but I’m not certain and I’ve tried finding out about the button with the R on it but no luck- maybe Canadian militia? Why is there a hole in the King George II half penny? That rusty curved spoon has a perfect little circular hole in it too- what’s that all about? And what on earth is that dragon thing? If anyone knows anything, let me know!!


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Sep 2, 2011
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Great bunch of finds and info here.
The ring looks like it might be made from a silver coin. Can you make out any design left over after all the hammering/shaping on the inside?

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