Installing Grey Ghosts on an Excalibur II questions

steve from ohio

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Aug 1, 2008
I have in the past done the Grey Ghost installation to the older Blue version of the Excalibur 1000. Fairly easy as it is only two wires and worked well with the alkaline battery caps.

With the new Excalibur II's....there are now three wires and where the cable goes into the control pod there is a resistor and a small blue either IC or connector. I also notice that there is a capacitor that has the shielding wire attached to it on the control board.

I assume that the resistor is to match impedance. I know the Grey Ghosts have a method of switching wires to make the headphones work with any detector. Using the alkaline battery caps, should I just not worry about the resistor and the little blue box in the original control pod end where the headphone cable enters which would no longer be there if I used the alkaline battery caps?

Seeing how the Grey Ghosts have only two wires, the original headphones have two plus shielding.

Should I just ignore the shielding?


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Dec 30, 2008
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Steve have not traced the ground on the excal II's, It is there for a reason but I do know it has nothing to do with the shielding on the new excaliburs II Pod. The resistor and connecting Capacitor are High pass low stop audio filter, Its a capacitor and a resister , It lets the high frequency audio pass into the headphones with no reduction in volume while it attenuates (reduces the volume) of the lower frequency audio. Let us know which way you go, If it were me,.....I would make a set of head phone's from the Peltor's, cheaper and I would guess better then the GG......I have a parts list, and the good is you would not have to worry about the endcaps.

Not to knock the GG, I've heard good and bad as far as performance. I do know they give great customer service...Good Luck


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steve from ohio

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Aug 1, 2008
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Thanks Oldbeachnut.

I tried the Peltor route and started to have problems with the one speaker. Those Koss speakers are really not the best I have found. They don't sound as good to me as the Grey Ghosts I have had in the past. I have had the Grey Ghosts on my older Excalibur and liked them a lot. I also like the longer cable length of the Grey Ghosts as the original cable was short and I like to flip my control pod around on my straight shaft to make switching from discriminate to pin point easier. Plus I like to dis connect the headphones when traveling. With the Plugger three piece travel shaft and the Removable headphones, I can stick the whole thing into a shoe box.

I did like the Peltor feel and I may try putting the Grey Ghost speakers into a Peltor headset. That would give me the best of both worlds.

After I get the headphone situation straightened out, I may try the button on the handle for the pin point/ discriminate functions.

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