Introducing our new "CarbonPro" line of high-quality carbon-fiber Equinox shafts...


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Jan 11, 2011
Norman, OK
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Hi all!

I have some BIG NEWS from Steve’s Detector Rods!

As we’ve all noticed recently, prices are rising on nearly everything we purchase. At Steve’s Detector Rods, I’d like to offer a new way to buck that trend – at least with respect to carbon-fiber shafts for Minelab Equinox users.

I’m announcing a brand-new line of Equinox shafts – my “CarbonPro” line of shafts. These shafts will be available at a substantial discount, as compared to my “Steve’s Detector Rods” line of shafts.

My CarbonPro line of high-quality 100% carbon-fiber shafts, utilize the exact same tried-and-true Steve’s Detector Rods designs, the exact same parts and materials produced by the exact same suppliers I’ve always used. The only difference between a CarbonPro shaft, and a “Steve’s” shaft of the same configuration, is that the CarbonPro line of shafts is factory assembled by one of my most trusted carbon-fiber tube producers.

The idea behind the CarbonPro line, is that as my business continues to grow, having some of my “standard-configuration” shafts assembled at a carbon-fiber factory, allows me to produce shafts in greater quantity, to meet the increasing demand. This also allows me to focus my own time on hand-building the more complex shaft configurations, and on the custom builds that many customers request – under the “Steve’s Detector Rods” brand name.

The CarbonPro line of shafts are of “standard” configuration – i.e. not “counterweight-ready” (at least, not at this time). They are available in both black, and red/black color, and can be purchased as a complete set (upper and lower shaft), OR upper shaft only (with the upper shaft fully compatible with the factory Minelab lower rod). Of course, CarbonPro lower rods are also available separately, for folks who wish to have an extra lower rod available for each of their accessory coils.

Special, limited-time introductory pricing on the CarbonPro shafts will be as follows:

Black Equinox complete shaft: $89.99 (shipping included)
Red/Black Equinox complete shaft: $109.99 (shipping included)
Black Equinox upper shaft: $59.99 (shipping included)
Red/Black Equinox upper shaft: $69.99 (shipping included)
Black Equinox lower rod: $34.99 (when purchased with complete shaft), $42.99 (purchased separately, shipping included)
Red/Black Equinox lower rod: $44.99 (when purchased with complete shaft), $52.99 (purchased separately, shipping included)

These shafts are available and in stock now. Again, the shafts are available in “standard” configuration only (regular snap-in end cap in the butt end), though a “counterweight-ready” model may become available down the road.

Thanks for your interest; please contact me at, to place an order!




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