Is this animal a fox? yes!


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Nov 26, 2009
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:tongue3: I feel sort of dumb asking but it looked so weird when I first saw it just hanging out in the road that I thought it was a chupacabra or something else very strange :D

But now looking at the pictures I think possibly a fox that is sick with mange? Or it just hit me .. maybe the onset of rabies? It was not as afraid of me as it I would have expected and actually seemed interested in me. Then ran when I took a couple steps toward it.

Seen on a road in the Southern Adirondack region of NY.





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Feb 1, 2008
Wow, all this dust-up that started out with a mangey fox. Gives me a new warm and fuzzy for the term mangey. But back to happier times when Bramblefind (remember bramblefind?) was the Typhoid Mary of the Mange world. Good stuff. Couldn't make this up with a stick.
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Jun 20, 2011
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This is a young Red fox with sarcoptic mnge. I spent 30 years trapping them (along with other furbearers) in middle Georgia. I never caught any red fox with mange, but did catch grays with it. The coyote has moved into Georgia statewide and have thinned the reds out. The grey foxes have faired better since they can climb a tree to escape. The coyote is one of the worst things to happen in our parts. The deerhunters shoot them as well as the farmers while the few trappers left trap them, but yet they seem to thrive and keep expanding their range.
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Jan 12, 2011
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Gotta agree with Kuger on all accounts!! The nay-sayers must live in another state!! Some of you may or may not know that north eastern yotes meaning NH. Ver. Maine have mixed blood with the grey wolf and are much larger and aggressive than your typical yote, thank god we dont have that particular sub species in so cal.

Kuger, lets not even mention our big pretty kitty cats.... beware the camo'd turkey hunter, seems every year some poor turkey hunter gets attacked by a mountain lion... one of the dumbest laws ever in Cali, if you can believe that.... not able to hunt (control) cat populations... We have even had on news channels up here in nor cal video's yotes in peoples yards and drinking from swimming pools in LA, attacks are not uncommon as Kuger states...

ANY animal that attacks a human should be shot on site no questions, predators, apex or not kill for a living simple fact... and like Kuger states start feeding a grey squirrel and in just two generations see how much they change! I lived in Md as a kid and we had woods for a back yard, fed the squirrels in the spring and summer after just a year they EVOLVED from eating peanut butter & crackers on the back porch to coming in the house and eating out of your hand, thats when we stopped... wrong i know learn lesson we did... SAME with yotes..... at any rate i like to hunt em too plus the farmers love you to kill them song dawgs......

Kuger did you hear of the cougar incident in Nevada City just north of Grass Valley about 6-7 years ago where a mt. lion killed 53 sheep outta this guys herd??? some of these city slickers think life in the wild is all Disney AHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO......
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