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Jesse James' death card

Cabinet Card of the Famous Jesse James Death Pose
Plus His Personal Characteristics on the Back!

April 3, 1882, Cabinet Card with Incredible Details of Jesse James’ Life History, Choice Fine.
This cabinet card, measuring 6.5” x 4.25”, with a sepia-toned photo of the lifeless body of Jesse James shortly after his murder. The caption on the card simply reads, “JESSE JAMES, Killed in St. Joseph Missouri, April 3, 1882.” While the photo is stunning by itself, what has been written on the reverse is truly fascinating. The original owner studiously recorded numerous facts about the image taken as well as Jesse James’ life history:
“This picture taken by James W. Graham - Alex Lord Studio... two dollars each.” Among the other tidbits of information, there is a physical description (“5’ 8”, 155 lbs, left-handed, missing nub of middle finger, Southern Loyalist Guerrilla--Rode with Quantril...”), how James voted (Democrat) and a description of how a fellow gang member shot him from behind. There are several pinholes at the top, a bit of aging around the sides, but otherwise in very respectable shape. Truly an extraordinary piece of Americana.

Jesse James was one of the most notorious bank robbers of the late 1800s. His outlaw gang robbed numerous banks during the 1870s and early 1880s. As with many larger than life figures, a myth grew up surrounding James’ death. Supposedly, Jesse was thought to be living in Guthrie, Oklahoma as late as 1948 and that he died at Granbury, Texas. The real recipient of Ford’s bullet, claim some stories, was a crook named Bigelow, reported to have been living with Jesse’s wife at the time.

Estimate:$5,500 - $7,500 [currency USD ]


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