🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Just dug today around my new home. Found some cool pieces but no idea on a few. Please help


Mar 10, 2019
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So I moved to NC and got near 1.5 acres of land. To the left of my house is not mine but there's over 200 acres. I don't much about the area but wanted to see if there was history here. Found some great items letting me know that there indeed was life before they cleared some of this land.
Would appreciate if anyone could identify some of these things. The steel what looks like a pot potentially has writing on it. Maybe a J then space then LOTE then space again and ET. There's designs on it after I wiped some dirt. Pretty cool work I would say for it's time. Anyone that can help I'd appreciate it. There is ringing all over the place so I have many days of exploration ahead. :) 20220321_132416.jpg 20220321_132421.jpg 20220321_132427.jpg 20220321_132433.jpg 20220321_132437.jpg 20220321_132502.jpg 20220321_132503.jpg 20220321_132511.jpg 20220321_132516.jpg 20220321_132530.jpg 20220321_132550.jpg 20220321_132555.jpg 20220321_132617.jpg 20220321_132631.jpg 20220321_132651.jpg 20220321_132705.jpg 20220321_132709.jpg 20220321_132721.jpg


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Oct 12, 2006
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The last picture with the two curved pieces - those are ox shoes. seems like oxen were the preferred beast of burden for mid-Atlantic farmers in the 19th C. I've found many of them here in Virginia.
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