Magnetic ground setting


Sep 28, 2014
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All Treasure Hunting
Sorry if this is a double post but I looked everywhere and cannot find original post
im having issues with dept 30 hrs on deus 2 25 plus years detecting so im familiar with sounds and settings are easy combined to my CTX
only getting 4 inches on east coast beach
but if i bury a ring on string 12 inches waves wash over target so its packed down I get it in all 3 programs
same with nickel , penny ect, But detecting everything shallow, 30 hrs of detecting
the only setting im not sure about is magnetic ground accept or reject
what do east coast hunters suggest on this setting
Thanks. Ron Lammi


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Oct 12, 2007
Middle Tennessee
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XP Deus II & XP Deus
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
You need to real col Dan's write up a few post down where the title says I have been converted from 3 tones to square......I think you may find it an interesting start at least for searching on beaches

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