Meteorite, Ore, What?


Aug 18, 2021
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My dad had this laying on the table for almost 30 years. It has (1008g/375Cm^3) a mass of 2.688, leaves a white streak on wood and metal sandpaper (Mos >7.5?), none on tile, is lightly magnetic (~2). There are what look like yellow crystals, a couple blue spots, and orange in deepest eroded areas. I drilled a bb sized hole in the tip and got a spark, (almost BIPed it right then!). So I proceeded with the diamond bit and there are metal pieces shining in the grey matrix. I put the grey powder in peroxide 3%, and it fell leaving streaks of bubbles, and turned yellow after a few minutes on the bottom. An hour later most of what was on the bottom is yellow, and stayed in place when I poured the peroxide out. There was a metallic streak left running along the side of the glass that didn?t oxidize. Too light for ferrite, not magnetic enough. Not jadeite, not tektite, not diamondite. Iron and aluminum? Maybe raw platinum/uranium (peroxide results)? Iron, nickel, pallasite? What Is It?

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