Mexican Pocket AZ Gold Stash


Apr 25, 2022
All I know is that Ken Weinman wrote an article in W&E Treasure about Mexican Pocket. Wish I knew how to get ahold of Ken and ask him a few questions. The story goes like this: In the 1880's, 12 bandits of the Valenzuelo Gang were tracked down by Sherriff C.P. Owens in northern Arizona. He killed 7 of the bandits. All the saddlebags were missing. Two separate caches were found; one contained $5,000 in gold and silver coins, a few years later, $8,000 was found in saddlebags in another cache in the same area. It was presumed that another 10 caches of outlaw loot remains buried. Now I contacted Marshal Trimble, he is posed to be the "official AZ historian" and he said that he never heard of this. The story adds that C.P. buried the bandits where he shot them. So if I could find out if there really are graves up there, at least I'd have some validity to the story and a starting point to boot. So is there anyone out there who knows anything about this story??
From seeing outlaws create this mentality of stealing gold in these treasure legends you want to theorize that the men came into town or the area and withdrew from it due to the Robbery. I suspect that the Sherriff caught up with them in close proximity of MP. Their burials of gold were within a 5 mile radius of MP. Soo your looking at 10 to 15 different burials of gold in different areas around MP within a 5 mile radius from each other.

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