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Dec 17, 2020
Southern States of America
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AT Max
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Relic Hunting
D6C44961-3000-4618-B9C2-B4C3A83889C7.png 0283960A-872A-4112-BAAA-F6C3B899C3CA.png 9956EBDE-31F7-4C16-AFE3-1DA471723369.png C17BEA7E-861B-40F0-9428-308694B62CE2.png AF9810DF-E280-477B-ABB6-C63DAF398892.png FE56DFF4-F2A9-435F-AA88-0FABA55F80C1.jpeg Hello everyone. Hope y?all have all had a great week. I got out today very early afternoon before the rain and had a decent day considering this particular lot has been pounded. As soon as I got out of my truck and not 5 feet from it I found the first of my two infantry cap button. It?s in pretty nearly condition and like the other is missing it?s shank. The both have a back mark of Armitage Phila. I also found 2 flat buttons. The first one has nicely gilded on the back. The back mark appears to spell out LG L double gilt. The second flat buttons shank broke while cleaning it. Argh!!! Also no back mark. The next find was this 1888 IHP which isn?t in the best of conditions. But it?s there. The next find was a pistol sized flint wrap which I just realized it got washed and dried. The loud banging in the washer shoulda been my clue. Argh! My last find was a nice signal under and oak true root. I had visions of grandeur the entire 30 minutes it took me to dig it out. A 54 caliber musket ball! Argh! All kidding aside I had a real fun day. I hope y?all have a great weekend! Get out with your detector and enjoy all God has created. Thanks for looking!
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