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Feb 27, 2008
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Well, after the rain all last week in Destin it was an OK trip for diving and fishing! Our regular Boat CPT was out of town for four months so we were given another Boat CPT! :dontknow:

We were diving with NITROX and this Boat CPT brought us out to several different places that was 109-115ft deep! Only problem was our bottom time was only about 15 minutes so we weren't able to get a good look around for Flounder, Black Snapper, and Lobster and the most of what we caught were Lion Fish! :BangHead::BangHead:

First day of the dive one of my buddies caught one Flounder, No other fish were around and there was nothing else big enough to get! :censored::censored::censored:

The deck hand dove with us and when we got out to the bottom he kept hitting his little siren signal, (way to go ZERO), so people would have to keep looking around like WTH is going on and probably why the fish weren't around! :censored::censored: Grant, we were DIRECTLY UNDER THE BOAT at the bottom so it wasn't like we were off in a distance! Then when HIS air got to 1500psi he was calling everyone up to the top and kept hitting his little siren! :censored::censored::censored: Those of us spear fishing came up with with 1300-1400psi still in our tanks! We were P.O'ed!

Last day of the dive someone at the dive shop screwed up the dive reservation made 2 months prior and loaded the boat full with fun divers! We were supposed to have just US Spear Fishers on the boat, so then we had to charter a private boat and the Boat CPT and Deckhand brought us to a location, (115ft down), all we had enough time, (16 minutes), for was gigging 18 Lion Fish because that was all that was on the bottom! I got a Flounder just by chance and gigged another Flounder, but he slipped off my gig pole and got away, slipped under a concrete pilon with a 4" crevice at the sand bottom so it was lost!

Last year when we went diving and spear fishing, (the other guys have gone down there for years and last year was my first), we dove at depths between 50-70ft to the bottom at different locations, and longer bottom times, (30-45minutes), and had gotten plenty of fish and even a couple of lobsters! We were NOT too happy with this dive/spear fishing trip with the screw ups!

I saw a Stingray it's body front to back, (not including the tail), was about 5ft just laying on the bottom! It had a tag on it's back, so someone is monitoring it's movement! I never seen a Stingray that big!

I wouldn't mind coming back down to Florida to spear fish and get lobster again, wish I could go back down next month, but I don't think I want to go back out with the current Dive CPT until the other one comes back that my buddies always used! I might consider going to a different part of Florida!

Well, here are some pictures!



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Dec 30, 2012
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Looks like you had some fun. Thank you for the story and SHARING . I just got certified September of 2020 at 74 yo

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