My first detector from 1995.

mike b

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Sep 21, 2012
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ONLY MINELABS, and now one Detector Pro Underwater. Macro Multi Kruzer
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Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
I was cleaning out my basement recently and found these papers mixed in with some old tool manuals. I was always very interested in detectors but never knew anyone that had one or knew where to get one except the radio shack one my brother got for Christmas one year.
A few months earlier I had some money I paid bills with and all the grown up things around the house, but then I went to the Yellow pages in the phonebook and found this dealer in New Jersey. He had displays all over his garage and I was hooked.
I only used it on vacation at the shore in the summer, was never very good with it and didn't find much to speak of. I can only remember meeting one person detecting all those years, he was wearing a wetsuit and even now from what I remember he looked "Professional". I had been looking for a lost ring on the beach in a very small area with no luck a day or two earlier with no luck, and told him where to look but he said he was too busy to travel to that beach and couldn't do it but asked what machine I had and after I told him he said he had two of the Fishers and asked, in order left to right what I had the settings at- They were all wrong. He told me what to set it at and I went back and no kidding in 30 seconds found the ring and returned it.
It only got better from there. Everyone was interested in what I did but still I didn't know anyone that had one until 2007 or 08 I joined a club that was just starting up. There were people that had years of experience and members that didn't even own a detector. The best thing I could have done, I'm so happy I never started something dull like...Golf for instance.
A friend of mine has a special needs son and his son always told him he wanted to do it, so since it was just sitting in the closet behind the newer machines I gave it to Paul for he and his son to try(and keep) in the summer, on the beach, on vacation. They went a few times and found some change and bottle caps until 2012. It was in a garage that was destroyed in Super Storm Sandy and never seen again.
Well thanks for reading, here's some pictures of the paperwork


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solx nys

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Nov 14, 2003
Orange Co. NY
Detector(s) used
White's xlt,Tesoro Silver umax, and Compadre.
Cool story, thanks for sharing.

That's around the time I seriously got into the hobby.


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Mar 22, 2003
Illinois / Oklahoma
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Minelab Equinox 800 - Minelab Explorer SE Pro - Fisher CZ 5
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All Treasure Hunting
The CZ series was a series of excellent detectors. I still have (and use) my Fisher CZ 5. It continues to make me some great coin finds in the fields.


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Jan 13, 2017
northeast Ohio
Detector(s) used
Equinox 800, Fisher F5, Garrett Apex
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All Treasure Hunting
I had two 100 silver seasons with the CZ6a. Best CZ I ever owned!

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