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Jun 15, 2014
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This is simply a brief synopsis of my own journey thus far. When I first started out, there were a few realizations that I came to very quickly. Some people who post on these forums, and some who don't, have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This is very humbling. Next, a lot of the stories surrounding the LDM and the Superstitions are an enigma. I believe that for the most part, that is/was intentional. If I was going to take this seriously, I had a massive amount of work to do.

Some may scoff or ridicule what I'm writing about and that is fine. These are only my opinions and observations. Some things I will discuss and some I won't, just like everyone else out there. With boots on the ground and ongoing research into the LDM and the Superstitions, I began my search.
I believe the history of the Superstitions and the southwest goes back further than most of us believe is possible. An ancient presence reaching out from the past. It is indicated in many places and forms. Native American lore, ancient petroglyphs, the Tucson Artifacts, the trail maps, the stone crosses, the Latin heart, Circlestone, all play a role in this history. A fundamental understanding of these things is what eludes us. It is my understanding that the original creators of the stone maps, the Latin Heart, and Circlestone would have used celestial navigation. Later searchers would have used magnetic north as a point of reference. This is not a new theory. I just think that it hasn't been fully investigated. I also believe that the trail stones that are in public view have been altered from the originals. A little bit of deception would go a long way.

In looking at all of the information available, perhaps an analogy would be easier to understand. Say you are looking at a painting by, Claude Monet, or any other great artist. From three inches away you see in great detail, the brush strokes,the paint, the colors, and even his technique. It is not the information that is wrong. Your perception and perspective is what fails you. You are lost in the minutiae of that vantage point. Now step back about fifteen feet. Only then do you come to a full realization of what the artist intended for you to see. It is then easier to go back and examine the details. Connecting all of the data is an important step in seeing the big picture. Hopefully you will find this helpful.

I am not claiming to have found the LDM or any other treasure that is discussed here. I am simply making suggestions that I have found helpful. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Treasure also comes in many forms. Truth, knowledge, gold, or simply the beauty of the range. It simply depends on your objectives.

Feel free to share if you would like. I would like to thank everyone that posts here, and elsewhere. Sometimes reading the different theories helps me to look at things differently, and this is a good thing. To everyone that is actively searching, researching, or simply reading for enjoyment, I wish you all the best of luck.

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