🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Native American pendant or Natures work on abalone shell?


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Jun 25, 2020
West Va
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Whites, Fisher gold Bug, Tesoro
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Relic Hunting
It Stopped raining here in the West Va Panhandle so I decided to give a local plowed field a quick once over. found a few odds and ends nothing great I was halfway eyeballing for arrowheads which I've picked up here before when a small gleam of dull yellow/white caught my eye. I picked up this abalone (?) shell that looks to be worked. Whats your opinion please? That hole looks too well placed to be natures work this field is at the foot of a Mountain, many miles from a major river (Potomac) and three miles from Back Creek/Glengary. The old paper shot shell is for comparison.


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