Needle Canyon Potpourri

Gregory E. Davis

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Oct 22, 2013
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For those who have spent time hiking and exploring Needle Canyon, they most likely have located a small alcove on the West side of the trail in Needle Canyon which makes for a nice camping spot. On one of the stone walls is written, "Peralta Slept Here." Now I am told that Peg Aylor firmly believed that it was truly put there by Peralta and he had slept there. Had it been Peralta, he would have inscribed it in Spanish and not English and where would he obtain modern paint for the inscription? Now for the rest of the story. In 1946 or 1949, Clay Worst and Art Dalis were exploring/prospecting Needle Canyon. They spent time camping in the alcove and one evening, Art decided to have some fun and picked up a small can of paint they had used to mark some of their claim markers and got to work painting on the rock the words, "Peralta Slept Here." Although quite faint now, it is still readable. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis


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Oct 17, 2012
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For sure if not a Peralta himself, maybe few of the Peralta's crew slept there while panning or mining close or in Needle Canyon.
Needle Canyon has a history concerned to Peralta and they confirmed this by depicting few spots in their maps.
This is a GE image of a Peralta mine from Needle Canyon, depicted in Fish-Peralta map.



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