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Jul 30, 2009
Belle Vernon PA
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Tesoro Vaquero, Bandido and Conquistador. Whites TR-Disc, Eagle 2 SL 90, Eagle Spectrum, XLT and M6. Garrett GTAx 1000pm, Garrett Pro Pointer. Compass XP-Pro. Fisher CZ-6A. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV and Sharpshooter.
Wanted to stop in and hey....

Just got an M6 yesterday and my first find was a can only go up from

I figure to learn this in Tones mode as that is what I would have loved to have on my Vaquero.

Hope to post many more times and have some good pics and stories to share..


John (Ma)

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Jul 12, 2007
Western Massachusetts
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Minelab Excal 1000, Tesoro Silver Umax, Tiger Shark and Whites MXT.
Congrats Gary, you've picked a fine detector. I am sure you'll do well with it :icon_thumright:


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May 11, 2011
Western Mass.
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Whites M-6 W/ DD6x10 SunRay DX-1

(A real sleeper)
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Hey Gary,I also use the M-6 with a dd 6x10 coil,good for those trashy areas extremely good separation coming in from two angles,Lots of goodies amongst that stuff often overlooked by IMPATIENCE.I use all metal mode which I REALLY like!Going back to the old school after it gets out today,found two nice the trashy area and I know there will be more good stuff.You chose a GOOD machine.GOD BLESS,Chris THREE P'S PATIENCE PERSISTANCE PAYOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 15, 2006
Land of Enchantment
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Minelab Etrac, White's MX5, White's M6, Garrett AT Pro
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Metal Detecting
Congratulations! You just bought the best coinshooter on the planet (IMHO)!

Try the 4x6 for the really trashy areas. Yahoo! What a coil!


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Dec 18, 2011
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Minelab Explorer SE Coiltek platipus
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All Treasure Hunting
Hi I use my m6 slowly for 4 months at vayok very satisfied with it.
Have also been gold and silver and bronze Roman coins.
Can you advise me to write about something that is improving at a depth that? Now EXcelerator EQ 2 10x14 heads on it.

Jersey Hunter

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Dec 27, 2011
Barnegat, NJ
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Teknetics T2 SE and G2, Garrett AT-Pro, Garrett Pro Pointer, Lesche digger and Relic Hunter Shovel.
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Relic Hunting
Congrats. You've picked a great detector. It seems to be a well kept secret how good it really is. I'm loving mine.


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May 7, 2008
lakelinden mi
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MXTdeepscan 8by14dd, bulls eye 2, 5900diprosl Maxima1500, Master Hunter cx plus Treasure Hound, surf
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All Treasure Hunting
With all them detectors and you still bought a White's, holy cow, how a bout a head to head.

Cal G.

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Mar 19, 2003
Congrads on a great detector! I have had mine for about a 2 months and got a 5.3 Eclipse (6.5 inch concentric coil) yesterday for trashy areas. Both the stock and the 5.3 eclipse are very easy to pinpoint with. Good Luck you got a good one. CG

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