New to Georgia - what are the laws/chances of having problems while detecting?


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Apr 17, 2008
Woodstock, Georgia
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Made it down to Georgia from the cold, dead midwest. Looking forward to doing some detecting but not too comfortable here yet.

Obviously, I know you can't walk on to a Civil War battlefield and start swinging.

What are some good spots to detect? Is it safe/ok to detect public schools, city parks, etc. like it was back home?

I never really feared any incidents or interactions when I would detect parks, public schools and the like (although I did have a couple).

Guess Georgia doesn't feel like home (yet).

Please reply....


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Sep 22, 2013
Chattanooga Tennessee
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Georgia has been under a lot of detecting pressure for the last 40 years of civil war hunters. In other words owners have been over run by trespassing relic hunters. Just follow one rule. Always find the land owner and ask for permission. Dont use the word " dig " and dont use the word " hunt" . Simply say you would like to metal detect for civil war bullets and if you find a few will share. That always works for me. Georgia has a state law that says if you are metal detecting on someones land , you must have written permission ON YOUR PERSON. Most police do not enforce this law but game wardens do. If you are parked on a country road ...can expect to be checked by a game warden

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