Newbie: Am I crazy or have I found fellow members just like me?


Dec 11, 2011
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Glad to be a newbie here. A co worker of mine lent me his Whites Prizim IV and a cheapo pinpointer. At first I didn't like it at all seem too hard to pinpoint with the Whites. He and others told me just keep using and learn it!. Well any way I live near Chicago and we just had our first Snow Friday. Its 1200 Sat and I am out in the tot lots in the wood chips, (which weren't frozen) Sun is shining with 3/4 '' of snow on top. Coil all full of snow as I sweep It was kinda cool cause I could see were I went and how my swing was. My haul: 18 cents clad, 4 bottle caps , and 2 broken snaps from jeans/coat. I just said I must be insane, but also said.......... What else would I be doing watching TV or looking at useless youtube videos? At least I am out here trying. I know wood chips my not get the "old Coins" but I am looking for the Mommys gold that might of fell off picking up junior. I only been discrim the iron would that be the way to go on tot lots. Glad to be here Tell Me I not the only one in middle of December.
BTW because of this site I decided to do some Coin roll hunting too. Went to bank last week for another reason saw some halves in the tellers little coin rack/sorter. I asked to buy them buy them 8 in all one was a 68 the other a 69 both 40% silver!!The teller was kinda pissed I know He planned on getting those himself at days end.
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Jul 1, 2003
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Welcome home Billy. We'll probably be getting together after the holidays for the usual "unclubbed" group lunch at one of the eateries around 59 and 90. That's when we declare ourselves holier than holes and make our predictions for the coming year.

Check in down at the Illinois forum too see when/if we pull that one off again this season..

ivan salis

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Feb 5, 2007
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just pointing out ones persons crazy is anothers "normal" -- what is morally acceptible and the right thing to do - often varies by the company you keep (who your around) and where your at in the world .

me i pay little mind to what 'others" think of me-- who cares if they think me crazy or sane ? (unless of course , they are trying to lock you in the loony bin)-- I know my basic right from wrong via my personal standards and thats the yardstick i go by.(would i like that done to me?)

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Jun 7, 2009
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As a newbie you a little less crazy than some of us on here :laughing9:. You will eventually have your own machine(s), I myself have 2 machines with alternating backups :laughing9:. Once you know the machine inside and out and you get a nice signal and just know from the tone what it is, sure. Bedford Bob, Mach 1, and myself are driving to Virginia Friday for a hunt :blob7:. Once you leave at 4:30am, drive 160 miles and detect for 8 hours and then drive 160 miles back, you know you are crazy.

But we love every second of it, the anticipation, the thrill of the dig, and the memories made with firends. Nothing better than that. Hope you get as addicted as we are.

John DeArmitt
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