Nickel $100,000.00 a ton ?

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1946-2014 Nickel


Nickel Price Hits $100K : What Are Kyle Bass' 20 Million US Nickels Worth?​



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In US coin nickel! 25% nickel, 75% copper. Canadian nickels from the mid 1940’s into 1960 were 99.9% nickel.
Back in 2006 period and just the time leading up to it the electroplaters were using Canadian nickels instead of nickel buttons to do the plating. It was a lot cheaper but a tad illegal at the same time.

So basically a pound of 99.9% nickel could be bought for $5.00
Which was a huge savings, if one wanted to go coin hunting for nickels at the local bank.
So there were coin rollers doing the task-doing the sell to the platers.

Timeline of our nickels

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The historical value of Nickel

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Value over the past 6 months

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