Nokta Invenio tutorial vidoes


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Oct 3, 2003
Syracuse, ny
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AT Pro, xl500 (27 yrs) XLT (17 yrs)
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Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
I'm seriously thinking about purchasing one, I mean can imagine how this opens up those pounded out areas? Think of the plowed fields with targets beyond reach. For me, I love colonial sites and te ability to process numerous metals and targets in small areas. How many caches have been scanned over but masked by surface trash or too deep.


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Feb 14, 2015
Sailboat coastal British Columbia
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Presently Anfibio Muliti. Sold my MXT sport, TDI pro and Macro Gold Racer Just got Deus 2
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All Treasure Hunting
Anfibio has 3 fequencies and EQ800 apparently 5 of which 2 are simultaneous. Does that mean the Anfibio will miss targets because switching is manual and therefore just luck because you switched a frequency at co-incidentally the right moment? I am in the market but must admit some confusion. Additionally, the Anfibio is claimed to be a MultiKruzer virtually. If my post sounds amateurish ... you are right but most willing to learn.
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