Northport, Alabama Pre-Civil War coin cache found


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May 12, 2010
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I apologize for using space if this has already been posted. I didn't see anything posted here, which seems to be the logical place for it to be.

WHO: Steve Webb, Simon Webb; cache possibly hidden by William Louis Christian

WHAT: A jar of gold and silver coins, all struck before the Civil War.

WHEN: About 1999

WHERE: Northport, Alabama

WHY: found while digging a posthole for a privacy fence.

Original article I found was in Coin World, for April 5, 1999.

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Apr 14, 2015
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An article also appeared in the March 14, 1999 issue of The Tuscaloosa News on pages 1A & 8A. The 276 coins of what NGC (a third-party coin authentication and grading service) labeled as the Tuscaloosa Collection were found in April 1998 in the Tuscaloosa suburb of Northport, Alabama, by former University of Alabama defensive football player (lettered 1988-1991) Steve Webb.,1753564&hl=en,1782159

All of the coins were labeled by NGC as "IMPROPERLY CLEANED" without an official grade but with a notation such as "VF DETAILS" to indicate the grade that the coin might possibly receive had its numismatic value not been damaged by cleaning. The example I have seen exhibits parallel scratches under magnification, indicative of abrasive cleaning.
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