Nostalgia on my favorite bottle site I’ve ever dug


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Apr 9, 2021
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I know I promised y’all I’d post my finds from the Caribbean. And I will. At some point. I noticed, however, that I haven’t posted a bottle dig in a while and since most of my digs have been producing machine made bottles, I decided to post my best one from way back. So about a year ago, I was walking around my neighborhood in DC (looking for new areas to collect) when I stumbled across an old bottle sticking out of a mound of dirt on a construction site. I went to pick it up, and I then stumbled across my second find, which was a ink bottle. Now things were getting interesting! I decided to ask the workers if they’d be ok with me digging there and they said yes! So I came back after all their construction was done and got straight to it. What I didn’t know was I was digging in what I would consider to be the BEST and oldest site I’ve ever dug (for complete bottles that is).

I pulled out bottle, after bottle, after bottle. All of which (except one) were blown in a mold. Two of the bottles had dates on them! One was 1897, and the other was 1894. I just couldn’t believe it. I decided to make this area the prime location for my history project for high school and I did a whole historical investigation of that area and connected my artifacts with the history of that area. It was a really great and fun project! I wish all the school projects were like this, because in my opinion, they’re trying to brainwash us to conform and do what your told without thinking. Let me tell you, that stupidity didn’t fly with me.

But, sooner or later, all good things must come to an end. Of course, the new manager of the site drove by and saw me digging. He motioned me over, and told me that whoever previously gave me permission no longer had authority and that I had to immediately leave. Bummer. Fast forward a few months, and the whole place is covered by cement sidewalk and a large grassy area where dogs go to pee and poo. What a waste. Anyways, I’m glad I got to save some history from this place. Here’s all the stuff found here:

The total haul:


Miscellaneous relics:


Henry K. Wampole bottle:


F.H. Finley and son bottle:


Bottom of the F.H. Finley and son bottle:


Bottom of Carters 1897 Ink bottle:


Unembossed sink bottle:


Bottom of ink bottle with pontil mark:


Two blue bottles:


Lastly, Bon Marche bottle:


My favorite finds included the Henry bottle, the Finley bottle, Caters ink, pretty much every bottle I found here was my favorite but these were cooler I guess. My neighbor told me that the address on the bon marche bottle was sold where the modern day archives stood and that it was worth hundreds of dollars, personally, I’m never gonna sell any of my collection so it doesn’t really matter to me. All I know is that it’s old and I love it. Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it!


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