Not panning any gold in Southern Missouri please help

I'd say that's true, tiny, tiny gold if any. It'll be glacial deposits if you do find some and your chances might be a little better in Northern Missouri because of that. You'd be better off going somewhere else instead of spending money on more equipment. If there isn't gold in the pan there won't be in a sluice either.

Not to leave you hanging...I'd start by researching glacial deposits of the area (if any) or however the gold is deposited there, and anywhere placers have been found. I'm not sure if glacial gold has been found that far south or not?

It crosses with Missouri river a ways up so I had figured it should have something. Even a small amount.

GoldMine21, where I go to prospect in Pennsylvania sounds similar to your area of Missouri. Those PA locations were barely touched by the glaciers that brought gold south from Canada, so the gold is very minimal and very small. I do know there's some there however because I was going to properties where our club has permission to join (suggestion: go to places where others have found gold. Sounds like northern Missouri would be better.)

After dozens and dozens of days in those PA streams, using a classifier and pans sometimes and a stream sluice other times, my results are something like this:
1. about half the time I get skunked.
2. the other times I may find one very small piece or a few small pieces
3. once I found a small flake
It's because of #3 that I don't get discouraged when #1 happens. You've got to just keep trying.

You didn't say anything about how much practice you've had with panning. Have you bought pay dirt and practiced in a tub at home? (suggestion: buy paydirt and practice. When you know you can get the gold at home, you'll have the confidence to go out in the field and know you'll get gold if there's gold in the dirt you're digging.)

Finally, it sounds like you know not to get a blue bowl for the field. Good, don't do that. If you're going to spend $75 on something for the field, get a sluice of some sort. It'll increase the amount of material you have to run dramatically, and in areas with very little gold it's all about the amount of material you run. You don't need the famous Bazooka sluice; any sluice from a reputable maker will catch gold if set up correctly. I happen to have a Buckabilly 7" wide sluice.

Good luck and have fun!

- Brian

Thank you so much for the awesome advice !!! I was almost ready to throw in the pan so to speak until I read this. Your right I should keep going until I find something. Ill get a sluice in hopes it can help me a bit. Thank you !!


It's been my experience that any state that has a hint of gold (and it has been found in all 50 of them) the state bureau of mines and geology, natural resources, or other name, has one or more publications (free or inexpensive) that people find very helpful.

I didn't see anything here:

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Not a good sign.

You might want to inquire with them, however.

Good luck to all,

The Old Bookaroo, CM

Thank you so much for the awesome advice !!! I was almost ready to throw in the pan so to speak until I read this. Your right I should keep going until I find something. Ill get a sluice in hopes it can help me a bit. Thank you !!

The only part of Missouri where gold is found is in the counties bordering the Missouri River where gold was brought down from Canada by the glaciers. The gold was left behind when the last glacier melted about 12,000 years ago. Whatever gold is found is what miners call flour gold that won’t support a commercial operation, but is a lot of fun to find anyways.

This is gold found in terminal moraines that formed where the glacier was continuously melting in one place that are recognized by their hummocky appearance and many sand & gravel deposits. The Gold deposits are often accompanied by diamonds that are more likely to be found in payable amounts throughout the areas where glaciers once trod. Diamonds are another example of the many riches brought down from Canada by the glaciers.

Gold is found as panable deposits along the sand bars that line the Chariton River and its tributaries. It has also been found at Kirksville in Adair County in sand and gravel deposits. In Macon County there are two areas containing gold one of these is near the town of Elmer where gold is found in Murray Gulch. Around the town of Gifford gold has been discovered in glacial deposits.

CLICK HERE:Places to Pan for Gold in Missouri | Our Pastimes

Go for the gold

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Although Misery does have glacial gold in minute size , almost all the land is privately owned and the public land areas are hounded by wacoenviromentalterriorists and Missouri Department of Natural Resources looking for people that are attempting to "destroy mother earth"!!! If you could find someone that owns some land along a stream in Northern Missouri , I believe that would be your best bet on having fun and enjoying your gold hunt without being RAZED by the "knowitall "evnviros!! OR Missouri does have a good gold prospecting club up around K.C. Misery that has local outtings that you may want to check out . They are a good group that will teach you and let you try out their equipment at the outtings. Its a gpaa club for your research. I posted on their yahoogroups forum that I was going to do some ice dredgeing if anyone wanted to learn BUT NO REPLYS! I wonder why???:dontknow::icon_scratch::occasion14: maybe its a good thing nobody replied!!:tongue3:

There is gold in Misery BUT it's either small glacial specks or down real deep ! The St. Joe lead mines (was once of the worlds largest supplier of lead ) found gold at around 1500 /2000 foot level . All mines list their top 5 minerals they are getting . yep , it's on that list ! BUT the wacoenviromentalist's help run them out of the Country ! some of my family was working there at the Fletcher mine.. I was going to a electronics class and ran into one of them at that class and he invited me to go on a tour of the mine ! I never got the chance to go but it was a nice thought ! Also the Mississippi R. and the Missouri River has Glacial gold in it washed down from up north and most Sand and Gravel plants (that boarder the rivers ) also have fine gold in their sand piles

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