🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Odd piece of cast? metal from old rock collection


Feb 17, 2011
Hey all,

I don't post much on this site, but I love seeing all of the cool things people find and frequently stop by. Unfortunately my old Radio Shack metal detector has not found anything worth posting. Lots of clad in local parks and one single Rosie over the last couple years.

Anyway, down to business. I was cleaning out the basement this past weekend and was going through some specimen rocks and fossils that I inherited from my great grandfather who was a serious rock hound that traveled the country(I'm almost 50, so this is an old collection). I found this odd piece of metal that looks like it was something that was melted down. The other pieces of the collection are pretty high end(Large slabs of Florite crystals, mostly complete Oreodont skull, gastroliths, multiple florescent rocks, etc.) so it would lead me to believe that it is something that was important. Or, maybe it's just a hunk of junk that got mixed in.

It's heavy, like iron heavy, but is not rusted. It is hard since a knife will not scratch it. It is not magnetic. It is not oxidized, since I tried vinegar as well as some Tarnex on the ground surfaces. Any thoughts?


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