Ok so I tried the "JE" mode on the F75 today...

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Jul 24, 2005
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Ok so I tried the "JE" mode on the F75 today...

I am very confident with DE mode so I tried AGAIN to learn to use JE mode to gain that almighty extra depth. I was running DE, Sens 87, Discrim 10, 4h tones. I know JE is hotter so I cut the sens down to 50. To much more falsing at 50 so I ran it down to 40. Ran smoother but still allot of blips. Yes, I ground canceled several times too.

The good solid targets "coins" are harder to hear because they don't seem to be as solid/clear as signal in DE mode. I keep thinking I am missing good targets passing them over as bad because I'm not getting as good of an audio signal.

I got to the point I would find a good coin signal in DE then switch over to JE and lower the sensitivity way back down (sometimes in the 30's) and try to "listen" to it in JE. I know its deeper but how do you get confident in the poor signal quality? No matter how low of sens I used the DE mode still sounds better in the audio.

Is this normal?

I'm going out again Tomorrow so any and all pointers would be appreciated!!

BTW..... The new Sun-Ray probe is tits!!


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Dec 7, 2004
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Re: Ok so I tried the "JE" mode on the F75 today...

what no picture of the afore mentioned mams ? 8) ;) :D

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