Old Abe and the Indian meet the Barber


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Oct 29, 2006
East central Indiana
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Larry and I were back out again today, we started at a site where there was a one room school years ago, we had already hunted it before, so we went across the fence (with permission) to check where we had not hunted..Long story short I got a 1893 Indian, we then went to a house site where the beans just came out, It was super trashy..Larry got 2 Indians and 2 wheats and a "Diamond" Ring, It is the adjustable type, One size fits all. I got a wheat..I believe it is a 1910-S, it is in sad condition..I got a WW1 era military button and a pin with the American flag and another flag with a star..and it reads "Over There" Then I found a 1906 Barber Quarter, there was a nail in the hole with it and it left a rust spot on the quarter, I believe that it will all come off with work. If you didn't know it was "WINDY" today. Thanks for looking.............Lee


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Jan 3, 2007
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Cool! I got a Babrber quarter the other day, too.

Congrats on the finds. Sweet silver.

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