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Hello group,
I am new to MDing and have just found out that my wife's family owns a cabin in Tenn. that is over 100 years old, and sits on 100 acres of land that they lease back for cattle grazing. I would like to know where to start researching this area for clues as what to possibly look for in the area. I have a background in archaeology and know how to research. I was wondering if you know any "good" research internet sites that I can get a handle on the history of the area and any previous owners of the property. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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Oct 4, 2004
1) You might try looking at the abstract if the family will let you, 2) if not or not handy, check the county records-of course you'll need the land description
Can you at least give a clue as to what county it's in? If you don't want to do that and you know the county, then try going to a search engine like yahoo. Above the search line is Web, Images, Video, Directory, Local, News, Shopping.
Try typing in say 1800's Tennessee or 1800's ------ County, Tennessee and see what shows.
Best of luck and HH. Let us know if somewhat successful.

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Thanks Stoney56
Unfortunately I do not know what it is located at this time, I have to ask my wifes father and he is out of country for the next two to three weeks. However I do know it is in the southwestern part of the state. I will use the suggestions you gave me however as they seem a good place to start. Thanks again.
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Hello from a fellow Tennessean. The county records are and excellent start. The office you want to go to is the tax-assessors office or county court clerk. If the government does anything right, it's keeping records. That said, you live in South West TN huh? Well, let me tell you, I was stationed in Millington, Tn for two years and that is some of the best detecting I have ever done! Shiloh, La Grange, Germantown, and Warsaw are just a few places you can still find really good Civil War relics. Shiloh is a national battle field and off limits but I have hunted adjoining property on Bark Road a couple of times and I never came away empty handed. Best of luck to you and if you find yourself around Middle Tennessee the first week in August, drop me an e-mail at navychief1968@yahoo.com and we will see if we can work out a hunt together.

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