Old Whisky Bottle [Cross-post]


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Jun 7, 2020
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[This is a cross-post to ascertain the date of the bottle]

My research has led me to believe that this is from 1910-1920. However, I just noticed the "82" on the bottom of the bottle and was wondering if it could be positively identified as being from 1882? The bottle has few markings other than the "Full Pint" on the side and bottom, the "9," and the "82." Note that the cork is not original.

I found this in my grandparent's woods where my great-great-grandfather's home once stood. I used the patented 'stick shovel in the ground till you hit something' method and managed to pull this out of the ground. Though it by itself is not remarkable, it has a family history. Furthermore, my grandfather is very much against drinking and had to sit and think a while about why I found a whisky bottle where his mother grew up.

20210606_163226.jpg 20210606_163142.jpg 20210606_163128.jpg

Thanks for looking


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Feb 18, 2013
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The seam would not support the 1882 theory. I don't see an LL maker listed but think your first impression is closer to the mark.
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Apr 24, 2010
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Based on the look of the base and the neck style, I'm thinking 1920s - 30's. :thumbsup:
Nice find, I'm thinking it likely does tie into your family history too.

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