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Feb 22, 2009
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My family and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for the well wishes and kind words, during my recent cardiac surgery, from our family on here and wish everyone a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

As always when you sit down with friends and family, remember there is an empty seat at a military families table. Duty will aways come first before family, some are on duty in the US, some are on duty overseas, or on ships. Some lay buried on hallow ground amongst other heros.

Remember them as you sit down in freedom, safety, and surrounded by those you cherish.

I've spent many a Thanksgiving apart from my wife and kids, while serving in combat zones. But was surrounded by people I saw as my family, but it doesn't replace seeing your kids faces, and smelling the wonderful aroma wafting from the kitchen as my wife cooked. But duty and country always came first.................

Again enjoy, be safe, never take life for granted, and keep hunting!

ETA: I'd be remissed if I didn't add the same thing goes for our brothers and sisters who are first responders, and their families.

Thanksgiving 2001, Oman, MSgt Gerald M. Shaw (RIP) on the right, me aka TSgt Michael C. Bernhardt on the left, enjoying some down time on our makeshift patio out back of the tent. Yes I was once young and ready to take on the world. Almost 1 year to the day after that photo was taken, I would have my Widow Maker heart attack. I was seconds away from them calling Time Of Death, when they got my heart started and stabilized and rushed me to the Cath-Lab!

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