Out with the Xterra 705


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Feb 10, 2022
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Xterra 705
Garrett 24k
Hi guys. Had a few hours to kill today. Took the Terra out with the 6" 18.75khz coil.
Warmish, 29c, lots of our biting March Flies buzzing me but only got bit once.
Good day. No gold of any size, 3 specimens and 2 little bits. But I dont care what size I get. If I had just got the 1 bit id have been happy. All up, guess, 1 and 1/2 grams. No major find but a ton of fun. 👍

The Xterra 705 with the 6 inch coil on a Whites Tall man stem.

This was where I was.

Was our Ironbark tree forest areas, good mineralised ground.
There were a few very very small reefs worked above the area in the picture above. Oops, edit, picture below 😆 but above there.
I got them between the two. You should be able to just make out the small reef workings in the below picture, just a few feet high.

Not life changing but all I care about is getting out and still being able to here and there go these days.
Very happy these days to get anything with a VLF here 😀

Cheers. 😀
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