Peter Collins lost treasure


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Dec 20, 2010
Rhode Island
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Pulling the heavy wagon to a halt in front of the biggest hotel in
Providence,the driver set the brake,stepped down,and examined
the harnesses and fittings on the two horses.After making certain
the animals were not badly chafed from the long journey from
Massachusettes,he entered the wooden building.
Requesting a second floor room overlooking the street,
the newcomer paid for thirty days in advance and signed his name in
the register-Peter Gifford.The desk clerk noted that Gifford
carried two cap-and-ball pistols in a sash tied around his waist.
The confident air of the stranger,along with the dark,almost evil,
glint in his black eyes and the sinister-looking pencil-thin mustache,
left the clerk no doubt that Gifford knew how to use them.
Gifford told the desk clerk he needed help carrying a heavy
chest up to his room,and the man sent a small boy into the street
to fetch two laborers.Five minutes later the lad brought two men
to Gifford at the wagon.After they introduced themselves as
James Blake and Bernard Starkey,Gifford pulled back the canvas
cover,pointed to the large wooden chest,and instructed the men
to carry it upstairs to his room.With great difficulty Blake and
Starkey wrestled the chest from the wagon and toted it inside.
Pausing at the foot of the stairs,one of the laborers aked what
was in the chest to make it so heavy.Gifford told him it was none
of his concern that the sooner it was delivered to his quarters,
the better.

To be continued..........

For the next several minutes, the two men struggled
step by step with the chest,finally getting it to the second floor.
Moments later,it was dragged into Giffords room.
The stranger handed each of the men a silver coin and dismissed
them.Before leaving,Blake asked once againwhat was in the
chest,but Gifford shooed them out the door without answering.
After locking his room,Gifford drove the wagon to a nearby
Livery where he arranged for its storage and care for his horses.
With the first coin they had seen in over a week,Blake and
Starkey decided to spend the evening in a nearby tavern quaffing
Ale.As the two men sat at a table in a darkcorner at the rear of
The pub,they discussed Gifford and the heavy chest.
The two men agreed that,judging by the heavy weight of
the chest and the sound made by the contents as it was hauled up the
stairs,it must contain a treasure in coins.Following there third
ale,Blake and Starkey decided to break into the newcomer’s room
and see forthemselves what the chest contained..
Blake and Starkey noted that Gifford left his room around dawn
Each morning and ate breakfast in a restaurant one block south
Of the hotel.Following breakfast,he went for a walk around the
Town,returning to his room at ten o clock where he remained
Until sundown.Minutes after darkness fell,Gifford,wearing his
Pistols,left the hotel for the same restaurant where he ate a
Leisurely dinner and then adjourned to a tavern called the
Bull and Bear where he remained until midnight.
The two schemers decided to break into Giffords room one
Night just as he left for dinner.
During the secondweek of his stay in Providence,Gifford was
Enjoying dinner in the restaurant when he was approached by a
Burly man,red-faced with anger.The intruder pointed a finger at
The man and,in a voice loud enogh for all to hear,accused him
Of being Peter Collins,the notorious pirate…

To be continued....Again....

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