Pewter flowery thing

Alan Payne

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Jan 3, 2018
Interlachen, Fl
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GTP 1350 Garrett ; Equinox 800
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All Treasure Hunting
Has anyone seen one of these before? This about the size of a quarter. I believe it is pewter and is molded. Any ideas are welcome and I thank all in advance . E8E34644-E188-477C-A59E-D72C05AE6E04.jpeg 30F97C4E-0832-412F-91D4-2779D0122148.jpeg B65749EF-C584-454B-8B4D-9544CD3252C7.jpeg D0DDDB63-364F-4F6D-ACD6-B0D5B101FD4E.jpeg

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