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Sep 2, 2022
I’m very confused with these pictures and value. It looks like in the bottom left painted by W.P. Frish and in the right corner engraved by W. Hall. The second is framed but I’m assuming it has the same markings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 23, 2019
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Hi fortenbaughn.

Those are prints. The original artist was William Powell Frith (not Frish), a very famous British painter of Victorian life and times:

The print has been produced from a plate engraved by "W. Hall". It's a relatively common name, but my guess is that it might be William Hall, working out of Norwich in England in the late 1800s. A bit of Googling may track down the original titles for Frith's paintings and the year they were produced. The prints will be later and possibly into the 1900s. His work was very popular and widely reproduced long after his death.

To give you an idea, below is a similar type of print (engraver not known) from one of Frith's paintings titled "Love's Summer Cloud" said to be from the 1800s. It's currently on sale for £130 ($150). The value of yours will depend greatly on how old they are, but they look to be nice quality... especially the first one.

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