🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please Help Identify Family Furniture (Possibly From 70s, Northeastern NC)


Jun 22, 2022
Hi, can anyone help me identify the following pieces of furniture (I don't have much information accept they're most likely from the 70s and maybe bought from the North Carolina or Virginia regions)? They're all from our family photo albums and I would love to try and find the identical pieces again for sentimental/nostalgia sake (I just blurred out the people in photos)!

Photos attached:
- Coffee table (sliding doors closed)
- Coffee table (sliding door open)
- Side/end table
- Tissue box cover (the one on top of the side/end table)
- Magazine rack
- TV

Thanks and God Bless,
Mike D.


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I am fairly certain 70s. We had some nearly identical. Probably some pictures of me by it with bell bottoms on. Google 70s style furniture for sale and maybe get a hit. Might look for a brand name on bottom of some pieces.
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Not the best pictures but yea my parents had a coffee table and end table exactly like that in the early 70s. Looks like an old tube type TV.
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Ah the magazine rack. Sat right next to my favorite chair with the newspaper on the other side scattered about on the floor. Those were the days so many of us were just about all on the same page.
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