💵 FOR SALE PRICE DROP: Manticore - Excellent cond., $1250 shipped


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Jan 7, 2019
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Listing my Minelab Manticore for sale, including headphones, charging cord and original box. Used several times, but lightly. Everything works as it should-- the machine and headphones are in excellent condition. Battery has always been babied, never let it run out of juice and keep it at ~80% during storage. Factory screen protector on since unboxing, no scratches to screen. This machine goes DEEP and is sensitive -- going to make someone very happy (especially with all the accessories coming out now). Selling to focus my limited detecting time on my Deus II.

Asking $1250 shipped. Full warranty through April 2026 (will include original receipt). More photos attached!

Will throw in printed full-color Manticore manual and Clive Clynick's awesome Manticore tips & tricks book for the new owner.



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AceofBases, Is the Manticore you have F.S. still available?

Yes, still for sale! I also have an M8 coil now I could include for a bit extra. Used once.
Actually, after re-reading my own post, I have an M15 AND an M8 to add to the mix if someone is interested.

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