RANDOM PICTURE THREAD - Post ANY of your favorite pictures here to share with Tnet...


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Feb 23, 2019
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I really like these Tudor homes. I grew up in the Des Moines Iowa area and in school we took a couple times field trips to a place called the Salisbury House. I still remember the tour guide showing this midevel bronze helmet with chain-mail to cover the back of the neck to us youngsters and I was right in front and she picked it up and placed it on my head and ask if I thought I could go fight a battle with such a heavy peice of headgear as it was. All my classmates laughed when it was put on my head. The Salisbury house is one of my favorite places to go see Des Moines and I've gone by myself a couple times when go home to visit family. The Salisbury House is a real treasure and if you're ever in Des Moines do go see it. There's such trove of treasures this fella Carl Weeks collected, from old weaponry to a real shruken head from some jungle tribe.
Very cool house. Some information on the picture I posted.


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Aug 19, 2014
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Thanks for that idea. I sure thought that photo would have gotten a lot more sharp, witty replies like yours. Guess they thought they couldn't top that one.
Sorry... but after this long weekend... i for one am.....

dull and nit-witty.

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