Roman Coin from the United States!?!?!? If so...I am amazed!


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Jul 15, 2011
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OK - disclaimer first - I hope my reputation speaks for itself. I am a hard hunter and very knowledgeable of relics from the states and also am very honest and never try to pull the wool over the eyes of people. Due to this I was almost not going to post this as I am sure the backlash that it will potentially create.

I went back to the water again this evening to a very remote site that was the location of an early 1600's wharf. There are no roads or homes (no home has been here since the civil war). I paddled to the spot that has yielded early coins and buttons over the past couple of years along with other odds and ends.

While detecting I first dug a couple of early musket balls and then unearthed a nice flat button. A short distance later I dug what I initially thought was a small flat button, then when I saw the bust, immediately thought a freaking Lincoln penny (as it is about the same size though much thinner). After looking at it I realized that the bust was that of a cesar. I then began to think early hammered coin of some sort as the site is of the appropriate age - however after not finding a match I did see a few roman coins that looked similar. Finally I found a basic match Constantin II (Constantinus Cesar 321-324)!!!!!!

The coin looks right, but I am no expert on these things so I hope plenty of our friends from across the pond will chime in on this. I do know of some roman coins and other EARLY foreign coins found at early colonial sites from time to time, though very rare.

I ended the day with a nice early (probably 19th century) brass spigot and pocket knife and other various lead odds and ends. This site also saw some activity from the civil war and I have found a few three ringers there from time to time.


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Bill D. (VA)

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Oct 7, 2008
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Nice find Dan. Who knows a Roman ship could have been here and lost it. Scott Wolter of America Unearthed seems to think we had visitors here before Columbus.

The Spanish were definitely here before Coloumbus (in the Florida area and parts of the SW US), but its extremely unlikely the Romans made it over this way 2000 years ago. At least that's what Hume thinks.


Sep 9, 2020
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I?ll keep an eye out now , but there been a couple flash floods so maybe washed away

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