Santa Susana Ca Stage Robbery


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Mar 27, 2012
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I have explored those areas years ago, their were finds there, there are caves their with inscriptions dateing to the 1800¨s. Early Spanish explorers had camps in the area as well their was a U.S. Fort . Indians of course lived there.
The stage trail coils around up to the homes, train tracks coil below and above a road. I belive the robbery loot in a above thread was most likely found when the cematary was built. The area has been pretty well picked over. But what the hell I always found Lizard rock and its surrounding area very intriqueing with its walk through rock tunnel.
Did anyone know their is a Church in Northridge that sits on a old Spanish campground...Gd luck in your searches.


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Mar 26, 2013
simi valley
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I live in simi and i am down to search. Lets do it, we should meet somewhere and discuss this .


Mar 11, 2014
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Still Hunting...

lets get together and look for this stuff
I don't think the cemetery construction had any impact, at least from the story as told today because the shooting took place near the top of the pass, and the last thing the robber would want to do is ride downhill into the stagecoach station where others would have been. Another note on the story... I made friends with an old lady who taught at my a school one of my children went to, and she married a half Chumash man 50 years ago, and the both of them started a local museum. I related the story, and she said she knows the family the diary resides with today. Although she said the family has no interest in sharing it, she claims the entry in it and the story is true, but I would have to see it to believe it as the saying goes.

Still have few more areas to search. If anyone has any other information to add, that would be awesome.


Jul 14, 2017
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Hi Everyone,
I am just new to this site. Stumbled on it when I was searching for information on a Stage Robbery that my uncle had told me about when I was growing up in the Valley during the 60's. My aunt and uncle owned and operated the Sumners Rock Shop located on Devonshire at Variel in Chatsworth. It was originally established by my grandfather and known as The Valley Art Shop. The shop operated from somewhere around the late 40's or early 50's and closed in 1971. My aunt and uncle had much collectable stuff hanging on the walls of the shop from old rusted gold pans to horse shoes to rusted guns and much much more. One of those items was a black powder double barrel shotgun that was very rusted, had no stock the mussel was splintered back and the breech end had been pounded on. My uncle said that years before he told me this story in the 70's, that a boy had come into the shop and presented him with this item thinking that it would go along well with all of the "junk" hanging there. My uncle being curious asked the boy where he got it from. The boy replied that he found it driven into the ground up in the hills above Chatsworth and pulled it out of the ground. Now, my uncle had grown up in the area in the 30's and had heard the story of a stage robbery where the robbers buried the loot and marked it with a double barrel shotgun driven into the ground. My uncle asked where? The boy stated that he could not remember where he was at the time since it had been a year or more since he found it. My uncle was able to get the boy to come with him into the hills to see if he could remember where he was. He could not. The barrel hung in the shop until my aunt and uncle moved from the location and the shop was torn down in about 87 or 88. I wound up with the shotgun barrel since I always seemed to have such an attraction to it and the story. I still have it to this day hanging in the garage. I always wonder... what if?
I have been reading so much of the information that you all have been sharing about the robbery and wondering if this shotgun barrel is linked to that story. Anyone have info about this loot being marked with a shotgun barrel?
Best wishes all.


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Mar 23, 2007
Salinas, CA
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I have been searching in the Simi Valley area and Santa susana. Do you go hunting up there? I am still trying to find the hot spring area.

Mberkle, welcome to the forum. I'm from Salinas. About ~4 hrs. north of you.

I see you're into treasure legends. Ever found any treasures ? Either via "legends", or .... just cache hunting in general ?

I've found some reales, mission era stuff, etc... down your way. But am strictly a fumble fingers coin-hunter. Eg. stage stops, adobe sites, etc.... I suppose if I dug enough of those "durned hubcap signals" instead of passing "that junk", I'd have found a cache or two by now, haha

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