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Dec 17, 2020
Southern States of America
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7F7AFE93-70FF-489A-A50C-41CD6ED09183.png C5005822-E139-4492-B781-20689E84F97D.png 95123A78-B59C-4026-AE04-23B29D6DFA0E.jpeg 1D0A594F-DCE9-40E5-A0F9-9F64CBF0345D.jpeg I was down in middle Florida today visiting a friend. Of course I brought my detector along so I could hit one of my favorite mid Florida forts. While the soil there is very sandy the artifacts are usually fairly deep. The yard I was in produced this coat sized infantry button with plenty of gilt remaining. I haven?t checked the back mark yet. My last two finds were the 54 caliber round ball and the brass musical reed which is not a rare find at these forts. Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting!!!
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Oct 12, 2006
Herndon Virginia
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Very nice! The soil has been kind to those artifacts.

The reed is from a concertina or 'squeeze box'. That was the popular portable music instrument of the early 19th C.

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