"She was McMad": Woman calls 911, goes "McCrazy" twerks during McDonald's outburst


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Apr 5, 2003
Where's the marketing department?

They need to install some poles for pole dancing near the door so we get the full show next time.
jeff of pa

jeff of pa

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Dec 19, 2003
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no real reason to watch the entire video, it's a 10+ minute Loop
of her going McCrazy. just a clearer video without all the b.s. in the backround from the Sheriff.

Does make more Sense though by hearing her clearly. She wanted a Refund. "I Want my Money" Perhaps
they were at some Fault for Refusing, and if Explained right; if she had Said she felt she was being Robbed by not giving her a Refund the 911 Call could be Explained away.

She did Destroy property though. no out for that.

Twerking is Just wrong ! imo it's downright Disgusting to see. especially while being pregnant !
& I consider myself open Minded . she should be charged with preforming a Lewd act in public for that !
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