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Jul 13, 2008
When I started metal detecting many years ago, you cut a u-shaped plug, flip the lid open, put any dirt on a towel and when you're done put all the dirt back in the hole close the lid step on it and no one ever knows you were there.
Now I see in YouTube videos are people with mini shovels cutting plugs the size of volleyballs and it horrifies me that new people to the hobby are seeing this and take it as normal. On top of that they seem to be a popular item online.
I can see where they might have their place, in a field, in the woods but in a park or somebody's front yard, I don't think so.
If I knew nothing about metal detecting and I saw somebody walking through a park with a metal detector and a shovel digging holes I would have a problem with it, I would have a problem with it even as someone that metal detects.
Plus I was looking at them online and some of them are twice as heavy as a detector I wouldn't want to be lugging one of them around.


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Jun 17, 2022
Detector(s) used
Hopefully we can promote respect and courtesy to the excavations of land and landowners so that future hobbyists can enjoy the sport. Thanks for posting your concerns.


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Nov 30, 2009
Central Florida
Detector(s) used
Minelab EQ 800, XP Deus &
XP Deus 2
I use a T handle 31" Samson & a trowel just depends on where I'm at to which one I use.
But either one I use you will not see a hole.
I have been to a city park where someone left basketball size plugs with the plugs protruding 1 -2" above the ground. I finally caught the kid and his dad doing this. (YouTubers)
He & his dad denied it even when I caught them red handed
Leave holes and or a mess when detecting will get us all banned from good detecting places.
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