Strange Piece o Brass


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Jun 10, 2012
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Strange Piece o' Brass

Hello All. I found this item near a 1920's era grocery store in an old orange grove that was once behind it.

It's brass and ~3/16-IN thick. The "legs" on the backside are radiused at their ends and not threaded. The single "leg" is longer and thicker so it sits at an angle when placed on it's "legs". There is no engraving on it and the broken off post on the topside looks to be brass too.

I hate ever saying that "I have no idea" but in this case...well you know what I mean. LMK if you have any ideas about its age or use.

Thanks for the view and delightful digs to all. C9


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Sep 18, 2005
Suffolk UK
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At first I was thinking it was a key hole cover, but why the 2 extra posts right? So I'm thinking it still turned, but it was locked into something else, and there was a small handle on the post that is broken off. Maybe something like a piece on a fly fishing reel that would be between the handle itself and the spool. images76UWLARO.jpg Something like this, but where the handle is locked into the spool.
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Apr 18, 2013
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All Treasure Hunting
Reminds me of a chain link like on a bicycle or since you said it was in an orange grove maybe part from a pickers bag maybe some part to the buckle.
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