Strongsville aka East Franklin , Frailey Township, Schuylkill County

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Dec 19, 2003
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Present decade

traveling south
(westerly Direction)
rt 209 at East Franklin Road

most of the year the woods are Very Thick.

I can remember as a Child, Before I-81 early/Mid 1960's My Dad
would Cross 209 Here and Drive down a Short Distance and Turn Right. There were & Probably still are the Basements to the Homes to the right.
not sure on the school if it originally sat on 209, or which side ? I have no Memory of Buildings Here. I Doubt it Existed by the 30's . probably closer to 1890's going by news . the road was Blocked and grew Shut when Interstate 81 was Built here in c1969.

Though the Yellow X was a Ball Field, the Brown X
was a Gas Station

Sunoco I think they gave Antique Car Coins in the 60's
, the Green X was a Picnic Table
I Dug a 2 Cent Piece there with a Hole in it.
. the Blue X
in 70's/80's was a Ice Cream Bus

sold home made ice cream

this area was sadly Destroyed By a intended , but Failed Truck stop, An Interstate Concrete Repair Project,
This Century & Now abandoned till someone finds a use
to purchase it for.

Across From the Ghost Village a very large building is going up,
as a if they build it, they hope Amazon or someone will Lease it :tongue3:
it is so large it can be seen from a mile away in the
town of Joliett. with
green trees yet
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