Sweet Finds From The Old Dump! (Revised)


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Oct 25, 2020
Reno Nevada summers, Las Vegas winters
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I'm a 63 year old kid, no question about it, I just love kicking around an old dump!

After all the excitement at Lake Havasu yesterday, I needed to go somewhere quiet and unwind a bit, so I headed for an old small town dump I hit a few weeks ago. First thing when I rolled up I see four other people md'ing the spot I was headed for. Down the hill a couple hundred yards below them there are indications of stuff but not nearly like up the hill. Whatever, I just needed some peace.

Right away I started finding cool old stuff and within a couple of minutes pulled a 1937 buffalo! Just a short time later I got the old 'good luck' token with Boulder Dam on the back.

Other fun finds were a copper leaf jewelry piece, an old faucet handle, a compact lid, a strange wire thing embossed with 'STD. OIL CAL.', a tiny perfume bottle, an opium bottle(?) and some other metal things.

The marble was an eyeball find.

This place is pretty tough to hunt with all the bottle caps and other random metal stuff.

For every one you see, there are dozens just under the surface. Tough, but fun!
I'll keep at this place from time to time as it's fairly close by and I'm sure there are lots of goodies hiding amongst the trash.

Thanks for lookin' and I hope everyone is able to go out and get their fix!

I just realized I posted the same pic twice and didn't show the reverse side pic, so here it is!
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