The Big Elkos Keep on Coming!


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Oct 25, 2020
Western Nevada
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Garrett ACE 400, Nokta Simplex+
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All Treasure Hunting
Finally got a cool day forecasted so I headed out to the dez for an artifact hunt. Went to an area I've done well at in the past. The first thing I see when I get out of the vehicle is a stark white thing about 25 feet away. As I approach it I'm just blown away how bright white it is, and it's looking like a good point! I carefully removed it from the cement-like playa surface. A beautiful white chert Elko!

19aug21 hunt8.jpeg
19aug21 hunt9.jpg
19aug21 hunt7.jpg

About 2 feet away I can see olivella shell beads scattered about. It took some effort to break up the crust and remove them without breaking them. Underneath a broken piece of crust I spied a small abalone flat bead, so I carefully brushed the dirt around to see if there were more. Sure enough, plus an abalone pendant that was in four pieces!
19aug21 hunt10.jpg

After looking around that area for a bit, and finding a couple little points, I moved on to another spot a short distance away. I wasn't having much luck there, and there were fresh footprints everywhere. I was thinking about giving up on that spot, but then I remember my grandfather always telling me "don't worry about what other people did, look harder and find what they missed". So I slowed down and looked harder still. This thing just looked like dull black rock, but I thought I detected some knapping, so I went to it. Holy smokes! I couldn't believe this thing was hiding in plain sight like that.
19aug21 hunt6.jpeg
19aug21 hunt3.jpg
19aug21 hunt2.jpg
19aug21 hunt1.jpeg

I pieced the pendant back together as best I could, it was kind of flaking away in different layers, but I'm very happy to have saved it! Also strange was finding that piece of calcite on the camp.
19aug21 hunt5.jpeg

What a killer day!!!
Thanks for looking!
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Nov 12, 2016
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It's amazing what one can still find out in the desert!


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Nov 3, 2018
Deep East Texas
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XP DEUS w/ 9" X35, 9” HF & MI6 Pinpointer - Nokta Fors Core w/Garrett Z-Link Headphones and Pinpointer
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SWEET!!! Congrats!


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Mar 22, 2003
Illinois / Oklahoma
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Congrats on some great looking artifacts. That White Elko is a killer point.


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Aug 9, 2008
Southeast Iowa
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Equinox 800, E-Trac
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All Treasure Hunting
Well done as usual! Glad you were able to save the pendant!!

Iowa Dale


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Feb 3, 2009
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Relic Hunting
What a contrast between the two, both are equally great looking. Congrats.
Nice saves on the rest.


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Jun 14, 2021
Oceanside CA
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WTG! Awesome finds.

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