The Great Sleeping Giant Project is Really Potential!


May 18, 2021
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In 2016, The Sleeping Giant project was attained by Abcourt
It is situated in Abitibi between Amos and Matagaimi In Quebec region which is well known for its enriched minerals resources consequently greatest for mining.
ABI is in last stages to Begin the productions of Sleeping Giant as it is attained with Aurbec Mines therefore they are ready.
Mr: Renauld Hinse ( mine master) want to use same technology which they used for elder mine as Low cost productions with management and finance all at same time.
There is huge volume of rock and it in this month they take 2000 t and to avoid expensive transportation charges to put out the rock they drop it at sleeping giant facilities.
Prior to avoid any low finance issue at any stage of Sleeping Giant project they took a loan of $ 6.5 million from the Royal bank of Canada also with a credit facility of $ 1.5 million for mining equipment purchase So no doubt for rapid completion and productions for Sleeping Giant.
ABI also published an agreement with workers union who agreed to restoration of the cooperative contract in 80% in coming 5 years
In 2022 Only in next few coming months The Great Sleeping Giant project will be able to give full productions with the restrained and well managed capitals of 485 000 t at 11 g/t with the actual workout showed loads of development potential
Abcourt is going to the level of embryonic gold manufacturer with 40 000 Oz of gold per year area with the production of sleeping giant production of 18 000 and 22 000 0z gold per year
With this kind of production, they should be making around 30M$ of net revenue per year, which will be really helpful to start the third mine, Abcourt-Barvue, a silver-zinc project, and will be the next step of the game plan.
Abcourt is going to earn a 30 M$ revenue per year with the productions as above mentioned. That will lead to begin a third mine Abcourt-Barvaue which is a silver zinc project and will be next project after completion of Sleeping giant.
The valuation of the company with the actual share price is under 30M$ However there is a good chance of nice profit that offered by a junior maker at low price share .
But the 30M $ is not all the capital of Abcourt as they carry some other properties with a good value also The Barveue mine ( silver ?zinc ) project.
The Barveue is the most valuable project of the company although the market value of this project does not appear too much at the moment but due to a huge potential of silver and zinc(43-101 resources of 22 million ounce of silver and 675 million pounds of Zinc) will turn this project value a huge.Also there is a rock with the billion dollars value approximately

All that means that there is a huge potential of investment with an appropriate prospecting
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