The Hunt of Legends...


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Jan 23, 2019
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It is the stuff of legends, an 83 year old Grandmother on her death bed whispering in my ear, "on the townline there is a cemetery with three of our family buried there in an unmarked cemetery, be sure to find it huh?"

That was 11 years ago, and I have yet to find the cemetery. Our official start on this farm began in 1746 when my Great grandfather many times removed died at the Louisburg Siege, and for his loss, his father was awarded the farm here. hardly loyal, we fought for the Rebels and was allowed to keep what we had been given.

As far as I know, three family members lay in simple slate marked graves, but where? Perhaps my Grandmother was wrong?

Then I talked to a land surveyor and he said he saw it the headstones, but it is in such a remote area that he could never find it again. I asked my neighbor, and she said her husband found it as well while hunting up there, but could never find his way back. My own hunt has come up short. I have even checked the Registry of Deeds, checked oil maps for gravel (old cemeteries are always located in gravel banks), and searched the northeast side of hills as only the soil would be deep enough there for a grave. All to no avail.

With the cost of property taxes, the area has been logged heavily, so I do worry. Not that any logger would destroy a cemetery purposely, but because in deep snow they might not notice it, and crush the delicate slate headstones.

So 11 years later, the search continues...


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Feb 27, 2005
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What town is the burial ground in ?


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Mar 9, 2012
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Best of luck to you in locating your family members graves.


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Aug 1, 2017
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Here are a few ideas: 1. Look on the oldest topo map of the area you can find. Old cemeteries are often shown on them that have long since been forgotten and no longer appear on maps. 2. Also look for churches on the topo map and deeds in what are now remote areas, as they were often co-located with a cemetery. 3. Perhaps the surveyor can recall what survey he was doing, which would narrow down the search area. 4. If there is a local genealogy club or individual in your area, they may have a cemetery index or book. 5. Does up there mean up a hill or north? Figuring that out along with 1 or more other clues could jump start your search. Good luck!


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Jan 16, 2013
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I can only hope you can find an end to your Journey. I hope to do the same someday, but my from Pennsylvania wife doesn't like to visit her kin no more after her mother passed, but maybe I go alone some time and visit the grave sites of my ancestors of Ohio and Indiana.

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